Bucket list




  This is Lauren, she has one summer bucket list that she has been working on for a couple of years! One of the items was to have a paint fight. Sierra and I wanted to help her accomplish number 12 off her list. We got all the supplies showed up at her house and then her mom said not to throw paint. We then painted each other so we can complete number 12. Here is a picture of the after fact on what we looked like. 

“Now what”

 This is my now what I completed my midnight swim with my friends on Saturday night! It was a nice and calm swim just as I pictured it to be. We had a great time for my friends 18th birthday!  

“Now what”

Ready, Set, Go! ‘Im going to start checking off things on my bucket list but I want to start with something that may be a little bit easier to get me started. For my “now what” I’m going to be accomplishing number 63 by going for a midnight swim. I’ve always pictured it being a nice, calm, relaxing swim but you never know what it will turn out to be. I hope that the water is warm at that time at night because I hate swimming in freezing cold water! Maybe it will turn out to be a majestic backstroke or maybe it will consist of drowning because I didn’t see a floatie in the way. (I’m hoping for the first option!) This is something I’ve always wanted to do because usually I’m already sleeping by midnight so this way I’m not wasting my night! My friend has a swimming pool and I’m going over to her house on the 13th of June to give number 63 a check mark. I will take some pictures of evidence that I’ve made this happen! If I enjoy it enough I might even do it again! I just can’t wait to swim and be able to look up at all the pretty stars while I float on my back! If it’s a nice night I’m sure all of my friends will accompany me while I swim. So, that is a start. By putting my bucket list on cards I can let fate chose my next item.  I have goals and dreams and putting them onto a bucket list is one way to watch them become true.

Authors note 

My name is Samantha Purll and I’m starting a bucket list to make my life a little bit more exciting. I’m really excited about this project because every year for the past 4 years I’ve made a summer bucket list to see if I could complete it. Having a bucket list on stuff I want to do before I die will help me complete what I’ve been dreaming of doing. My list consists of 79 crazy things that I would be afraid to do. I want to step out of my comfort zone to accomplish this list. One of the items on my list is to climb the Eiffel Tower. I’ve been dreaming of having that moment since I was a little girl watching Madeline on tv. She was the little French girl that would do everything in Paris that she wanted to do. That’s a major thing I’ve always wanted to accomplish in my life! When the tower lit up and sparkled that meant that someone got proposed to in the tower.  That would also be another cool thing to see or experience! I can just imagine myself at the very top of the tower looking down at all the people who look like ants. I’ve pictured that view and the smell of the air for  awhile now… I just need to make that happen. I’m going to keep this list at all times to try and get everything done before I kick the bucket. I hope I can have a red check mark beside all of the 79 items!

Personal addition #21

 This is my journey to the zoo to see the new church chill exhibition. This polar bear would not stop trying to get on top of this floatie to lay in the sun as it was a beautiful day! I went during the week so it wouldn’t be that busy and I’m glad I did! I got to see the polar bears up close because they have a new tunnel you can go under and if they are swimming in the water then you will be able to see it! The zoo has definitely changed since I was a little girl! I’m glad I could spend the morning there as it was a ton of fun. 

Personal addition #20

 This personal addition is throwing it back to last year in March! I went to New York with the school on a hairstyling trip. I had a blast feeling free in a big city. I want to go back maybe this time with a couple of friends because we mostly had to stick with the tour guide. It would be cool to experience New York on your own so you can go and do what you want.  

Personal addition #19

  The other day I found a four leaf clover! I’ve never found one in my life before so I was very excited. I instantly posted it to snapchat and finally got to use the emoji for it🍀🍀🍀 I would say the emoji is pretty accurate to the actual thing. I now have it in a safe place and hope it give me good luck for the rest of my life!